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Acting the Eejit

Eejit is an endearing Irish word for someone who acts the fool or doesn't mind making a fool of themselves. It can also be used as an insult but usually only if it has the word "f**ckin" in front of it. And even then, in Ireland that could be a compliment depending on your tone of voice. We like to pepper our conversation with profanities but we don't see this as bad language, it just means we like you. And anyway, all bad words sound good with an Irish accent. 


'Take your work seriously, but never yourself'.

I trained for over twelve years with some of the greatest acting teachers in London and LA. 

You can see what I've done here: 

A short film I wrote, produced and starred in just scooped every award it was nominated for at the 2017 FASH Film Festival n LA: Best screenplay,(me) Best director, Best score, Best producer,(me) and Best Actress (me again!) #winning 

My latest film ANGELS ON TAP also starring Ed Asner, Jamie Farr and Marion Ross, directed by Trudy Sargent and written by Burt Prelutsky of M*A*SH is now available on Amazon Prime. 

You can see the trailer here:

There are always exciting new film and TV projects happening. Check back here for more updates. 

Upcoming Standup Shows

I co-produce Throwing Punches on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Next show is Feb 17th. 

Only $5 on door and free parking!! 

Resume and Demos

Files coming soon.

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